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  provides vendors with exceptional custom content, industry research and analysis, and multimedia/interactive services. We have expertise in a wide variety of high-tech industry segments , including business intelligence, analytics, cloud, CRM, ERP, supply chain management, manufacturing and mobile devices.

As veteran technology/business publishing editors and writers, we have the knowledge and experience to produce compelling white papers, research reports, case studies and other types of custom content that effectively communicates the right message to the right audience in the right format.

Whether your custom-content project requires in-depth surveys, a white paper or case study, or a large-scale multi-faceted content effort, our deliverables produce tangible results. We help deliver your messaging in a way that resonates with your audience. Our  finely honed development methodology  produces highly specialized white papers, research reports and other forms of custom content on time and on budget that defines and differentiates your company as a leader in the marketplace.
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arrow November 2016: "Doing Business In-the-Moment: Transforming Transaction Processing for the Digital Economy." This Forbes Insights briefing report, sponsored by SAP, examines extreme transaction processing—the ability to process at least 2 million transactions per hour. Today enterprises across industries—not just high-frequency trading firms—must figure out how to ingest and process extraordinary numbers of transactions from an expanding variety of sources concurrently, quickly and reliably, with no tolerance for latency, loss, inconsistency or failure. We look at: how digital technologies are expanding the volume and variety of transactions; the sources of demand for high-speed transaction processing; how new types of transactions are fueling business innovation and growth; the organization and technology changes needed for modern transaction processing; and some advice for defining a business case and exploring new technologies. Contact Triangle President Paul Pinella for more information.
arrow September 2016: "Why Today's Digital Teams Need a New Class of Collaboration Tools and Solutions." This Harvard Business Review Analytic Services survey and report, sponsored by Cisco, examines how today's workplace depends on teamwork more than ever before. Due in part to the fact that so many teams today rely on people from outside the organization, including contractors and consultants from all over the world, these teams need a new way of working together. Based on executives responding to the survey, current collaboration tools fall far short on supporting the depth, pace and style of teamwork now required to keep up with today's most important business imperatives. Contact CEO and Editorial Director Larry Marion for more information.
arrow June 2016: "Doing Business In-the-Moment: How SMBs Run Live in the Digital Economy." This Forbes Insights briefing report, sponsored by SAP, looks at several small to midsize businesses (SMBs) and how they are using new technologies to respond to events as they unfold and even take action in anticipation of what lies ahead. Customers no longer tolerate long order processing times, inconsistent information across channels or service glitches. And yet, business is increasingly global and complex. To meet these demands, businesses of all types—not just digital giants and deep-pocketed competitors—certainly need instantaneous access to relevant data. They also, however, need the ability to respond immediately to the insights that data reveals. This is as true for SMBs as it is for any other size company today. All businesses—and especially the fast-growing ones—need operational, supply chain, sales and inventory insights at their fingertips to make the best decisions, seize hidden opportunities, anticipate problems and delight customers. Contact Triangle President Paul Pinella for more information.
arrow January 2016: Triangle Publishing Services announced this week the appointment of Paul Pinella to President of the firm. A 10-year Triangle veteran and former Executive Editor with the firm, Mr. Pinella will focus primarily on business development and consultation with clients on Triangle’s many content-related products and services. Contact Triangle President Paul Pinella for more information.


Research reports, surveys, white papers, case studies, custom publications, books (ghost writing) audiocasts and other types of content are available everywhere. Triangle Publishing Services’ unique combination of business and technology expertise, plus decades of experience working for leading publishers and vendors, provides our clients with the combination of skills to help them achieve their goals faster and at lower cost.
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