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Forbes Insights and Triangle Publishing Services Announce Expanded Case Study Series

December 30, 2014, Newton, MA: Triangle Publishing Services Co. Inc. and Forbes Insights are pleased to announce an expanded case study program for 2015. Based on the success of our 2014 test program, which highlighted the State of Indiana, Mercedes-AMG, T-Mobile, Publiacqua, Lexmark, AkzoNobel and Cox Communications, the new case studies will continue to be researched, written, edited and designed by Triangle under the direct supervision of Forbes Insights and will be posted on the Forbes Insights' Web site,

"We are extremely pleased to be working with Triangle to develop new case studies next year," says Bruce Rogers, Chief Insights Officer at Forbes Insights.

Adds Larry Marion, Editorial Director of Triangle, "the success of our 2014 test program has led to this expanded relationship between Forbes and Triangle for 2015."

Opportunities to sponsor the case studies will be offered to vendors, along with lead generation, but Rogers notes that editorial control of the content will remain with Forbes Insights. "We know that the most compelling content, the kind that drives inquiries to our sponsors, must be trusted. Survey after survey has found that Forbes is one of the most trusted media brands."

Forbes Insights is the strategic research and thought leadership practice of Forbes Media, publisher of Forbes magazine and These media properties combined reach nearly 50 million business decision-makers worldwide on a monthly basis. Taking advantage of a proprietary database of senior-level executives in the Forbes community, Forbes Insights conducts research on a host of topics of interest to C-level executives, senior marketing professionals, small business owners and those who aspire to positions of leadership. Forbes Insights' research covers a wide range of vital business issues, including innovation, technology adoption, talent management, marketing, financial benchmarking, risk and regulation.

Triangle Publishing Services provides surveys, research reports, white papers, case studies, audiocasts, infographics and other types of content for a wide variety of technology leaders, including Dell, Microsoft, Oracle, PricewaterhouseCoopers and SAP. For more information visit the Triangle Web site,

For more information about Forbes Insights, contact Chief Insights Officer Bruce Rogers.

For more information about the new case study series or other Triangle programs, please contact Larry Marion.

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